Migatronic RoBox™

The pre-engineered welding system from Migatronic is designed to deliver optimal performance and increased capacity. The system includes separate working areas for both the robot and the operator.

Immediately usable

  • Short delivery time
  • Plug & Play
  • Easy to operate

Cost efficient

  • Fast-track efficiency upgrade
  • Low investment cost
  • Future proof


  • Meets safety regulations
  • CE marking
  • Proved and tested system

Increased production rate

  • High output system
  • Consistent quality
  • IIoT ready

Product details

Manipulator range
Available add-ons
Welding power sources

Manipulator range

3-axis manipulator that can move horizontally and an external axis that can rotate workpieces along one axis, making it an affordable option for manipulating objects.

L: 2000 mm
D: 1000 mm
250 KG

Your daily operation

An operator is necessary for the daily loading and unloading of components. The workpieces can be loaded using an overhead crane while the robot performs welding.


  • Fanuc Robot ArcMate 100iD/8L.
  • Manipulator ready for fixtures.
  • Platform with protective enclosure and roof.
  • Fume hood with outlets for ventilation and exhaust.
  • Roll-liner – for consistent wirefeed.
  • Remote supervision and administration.
  • Media transfer (signal, air, current) for manipulator.

Available add-ons

  • Retrofit adapter for old fixtures.
  • Simulation Software from your preferred robotbrand.
  • Visual and audible light indicators of machine status.
  • Torch cleaning system.

Welding power sources

Welding packages for MIG, TIG and Plasma welding. Choose between

  • Sigma Select
  • Pi 350 DC
  • Pi 350 Plasma With Synergic
  • PowerArc Pulse
  • Pulse
  • IAC
  • IGC

… and all welding function packages.

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Service & Support

We offer various services to ensure that your equipment remains operational throughout its lifespan. These services include regular maintenance and training programs for your staff.

Additionally, we can provide support for fixture design and development, as well as robot programming, including online and offline programming. Our team of welding specialists can provide professional guidance and help develop welding procedures, while our trained technicians will keep your robot cell productive.

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Migatronic Service Van

Other standard Migatronic solutions


CoWelder track

The track edition offers an integrated track system which allows the robot arm to move sideways along the welding table, increasing its effective reach.

CoWelder Basic

Migatronic CoWelder is a collaborative welding robot — a semi-automated solution that works together with the welder in a shared workspace. Automate your welding processes in a simple, fast and easy way compared to industrial robots.