How we work to achieve welding automation excellence with the right project management

Our experts collaborate with you to understand your needs and tailor a solution for optimal results. From consultation to implementation, we offer constant support and guidance. Trust our proven process to enhance your welding operations and secure a competitive edge.

35+ years

Of experience in automated welding


Robots in operation around the globe


Solutions produced since 1985


Committed employees

Your participation guarantees success and best ROI

You play an active role in every phase of the process, providing you with greater insight and ownership of your investment.

We guide you through a proven step-by-step process to develop a welding solution that aligns with your current and future needs. In other words, we become part of your team. Our role is to act as an advisor, facilitator, and supplier. Ultimately, our goal is to guarantee the success of your project.



You are invited to visit us for a good talk to get a better idea of how we work with welding automation and solving problems.



We begin by understanding your requirements, objectives, and current operations to identify opportunities for improvement.


Solution development

Our team of experienced engineers design a customized automated welding solution that integrates the latest technologies and equipment.



We rigorously test the solution to ensure quality, efficiency, and reliability. This ends with a Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).



Our team supports you every step of the way, from installation to training, ensuring a seamless transition to your new automated welding system.



Since we built it, we can offer you the best service and optimization for your automation solution over time, ensuring maximum reliability. We also help upskill your staff, to work with the new solution.

What our customers are saying

Right from the start, we relied on Migatronic Automation’s expertise and ability to advise on customised welding solutions for the metal industry.

Roy Mæland, General Manager

Aarsland Stål & Lakk

Migatronic Automation managed to challenge our specified needs with their skills and expertise on the subject matter, while they also found new areas in which we could optimise the production process.

Anders Ohloson, Project Manager


From the outset, we experienced a strong partnership that reflected great professionalism and expertise in all phases of the process.

Oddvar Tjåland , Project Manager

Kverneland Group

Migatronic Automations project-based approach to the task has been exemplary.

Carl Jørn Jacobsen, Welding Technician


The Migatronic Group has established a good reputation among the manufacturing companies in our area, and we have been very pleased with our relationship through the years.

Benjamin Ganic, Supervisor and Welding Coordinator

Oglaend System

We only use Migatronic welding equipment here. Therefore, it was natural for us to co-operate with Migatronic and Migatronic Automation in finding a new robot solution for our production.

Henrik Lund, Chief Operating Officer

Samson Agro

ISO 9001: Certified

Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and is continuously developed to ensure continued customer satisfaction and value creation. We pursue concrete and ambitious improvement goals in all functions and at all levels of the company.

We are in open dialogue with our customers about their needs and expectations and systematically process the collected customer information. We do this to ensure continuous optimisation and quality improvement of our products and services and thus increased customer satisfaction.