Migatronic CoWelder track

CoWelder is the most straightforward way to introduce welding automation to your production. CoWelder produces high-quality welds, shortens production time, and reduces time spent on QA - giving you a competitive edge.

Increase your arc time

Weld your workpieces in the optimum and fastest way possible. Finish more in the same time span, increase productivity and reduce production cost per workpiece.

Scale your production as needed

Adjust the production to your orders. Weld small or large batches, weld often or rarely recurring tasks or upscale and downscale quickly when necessary.

Create uniform high quality welds

Increase repeatability and weld completely identical workpieces. Always deliver uniform welds in a high quality.

Free your welders

Minimise monotonously repeated work and let the cobot take over the dull routine jobs. Utilise the knowhow of your skilled welders for the complicated tasks instead.

Product details

Collaborative welding
Scaling production
Increase your arc time

Collaborative welding

The track edition offers an integrated track system which allows the robot arm to move sideways along the welding table, increasing its effective reach.

Integrate CoWelder in your production with minimum deployment time. Improve your productivity significantly without having any experience with automated welding.

Best-in-class welding capabillities

CoWelder is created to increase your welding capabilities. That is why CoWelder comes with top-of-the-line Migatronic welding machines.


CoWelder’s core components are made up of excellent technology. The result is a welding solution that becomes more than the sum of it’s parts. Fantastic welding capabilities mixed with the agility and safety of the collaborative robot simply lifts all aspect of welding production.

  • Universal Robots Collaborative Robot Arm
  • Top-of-the-line welding power source from Migatronic
  • Proprietary UR Caps (software) developed by Migatronic
  • Best-in-class welding and fixture table can be included with CoWelder solutions (Siegmund).
  • Optional track and turn table.

Scaling production

CoWelder brings a new definition to the word flexibility in modern day industrial production. It is so easy to switch over the production that it pays off to automate welding of simple workpieces no matter the quantity or frequency. Be able to weld workpieces for specific orders at peak points or produce for stock at low volume times.

Weld small or large batches and often or rarely recurring tasks. Upscale and downscale quickly when necessary. Simply adjust the production to your orders.

Increase your arc time

Every minute your arc is off is unproductive. CoWelder will get the job done faster than any manual welder could ever do.

  • CoWelder utilises 6 axes to move around the workpiece during welding. This agility and reach allows the robot to keep welding where a human arm with only 3 axes would need to stop to reposition.
  • CoWelder can reach over double that of humans. It can keep welding for long stretches without reducing accuracy or having unnescessary start/stop.
  • CoWelder will not make any stop and start in the middle of a weld. It will skip the detours and only make the most necessary torch movements. It will finish multiple workpieces without stopping.
  • If your workpiece is small, place more workpieces in the reach of CoWelder and save valuable time. Combined with the Offset-function, arc time/hour will increase significantly.

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We offer various services to ensure that your equipment remains operational throughout its lifespan. These services include regular maintenance and training programs for your staff.

Additionally, we can provide support for fixture design and development, as well as robot programming, including online and offline programming. Our team of welding specialists can provide professional guidance and help develop welding procedures, while our trained technicians will keep your robot cell productive.

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Migatronic CoWelder is a collaborative welding robot — a semi-automated solution that works together with the welder in a shared workspace. Automate your welding processes in a simple, fast and easy way compared to industrial robots.

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