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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the survey?

    On average, the survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, if you know your numbers. We value your time and have designed the questions to gather the necessary information efficiently.
  • What happens after I submit the survey?

    After you submit the survey, our team will review your responses and assign a sales representative based on your specific requirements. He or she will contact you shortly after you fill out the form to schedule an appointment. He or she will then prepare a tailored presentation of relevant references to bring to our consultation.
  • Will my information be kept confidential?

    Absolutely! We treat your information with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with our privacy policy. Your responses will only be used for the purpose of assessing a sales representative and providing personalized guidance during the consultation.
  • Can I update my responses after submitting the survey?

    Unfortunately, once you submit the survey, you won't be able to update your responses. We encourage you to provide accurate and thorough information in your initial submission to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your needs. If all else fails, you can send through a new submission by reloading the form.