Transform your welding process with an automated solution

From optimized standard solutions to flexible collaborative robots, we deliver comprehensive automation for every welding task.

We help you find the right solution

We're not just vendors; we're your consulting engineers, ensuring you receive the correct solution. Automation is complex, and a poor choice could lead to significant financial losses. Our exceptional consultancy is key to your success.

We guide you expertly, adopting a systematic approach to craft a welding solution that fits your present and future needs. Think of us as part of your team, aiming to guarantee your project's success. Dive into automation with us, and we'll guide you to the right choice.

Fast-track your automation journey with a Prebuilt Solution

Our standardized systems are future-proof, secure, and fully compliant with safety regulations. They are easy to deploy and offers a proven and tested performance for increased production rates and consistent high output, meeting the demands of diverse applications.

Migatronic Robox
Migatronic System RM25
Yaskawa ArcWorld CS V2-500Y2

Fast deployment time

Be up and running within an impressive timeframe, starting from only two weeks. From conceptualization to implementation, our agile approach ensures swift and efficient deployment, saving you valuable time and accelerating your path to success.

Optimal welding position

Our prebuild industrial solutions are the masters of manipulating small and big workpieces. Tilt, index or rotate, we have a solution that can manipulate your workpiece into the optimum welding position.

Starting from 105.000 €

Our prebuilt industrial solutions offer an accessible entry point into the world of automation, starting from an affordable price of just 105,000 euros. With our cost-effective solutions, you can embark on your automation journey confidently, knowing that efficiency and productivity are well within your reach.

Explore our prebuild solutions

Explore our catalogue of prebuild solutions. These reliable and efficient solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to custom development while still delivering outstanding welding performance.

Embrace the flexibility with a CoWelder Solution

Scale your production effortlessly with our collaborative robot solution CoWelder. Wether tackling freauent or rarely recurring tasks, a collaborative robot solution gives you the ability to adjust the production to your orders. A flexibile solutions, made to your specific needs, capable of depositing perfect welds in all imaginable positions.
CoWelder Track
CoWelder Track with turntable

Flexible and adjustable

CoWelder brings a new definition to the word flexibility in modern day industrial production. It is so easy to switch over the production that it pays off to automate welding of simple workpieces no matter the quantity or frequency. Be able to weld workpieces for specific orders at peak points or produce for stock at low volume times.

No need for programing knowlegde

Using the robot arm's control pad, operators can effortlessly create welding programs with intuitive arm movements, bypassing the need for traditional programming via a teach pendant. Minimal training enables users to easily create new programs, adjust settings, and set welding paths with CoWelder, eliminating the need for programming expertise.

Starting from 48.000 €

Designed to be the most cost-effective entry point into the world of automation, the CoWelder offers unparalleled value. As a collaborative robot solution, this cutting-edge technology starts at an incredibly competitive price point of 48,000 euros.

Explore our CoWelder solutions

We offer a broad range of different CoWelders to variant needs. Go to our CoWelder univers on and explore the many opportunites.

Get it just as you want with a Costumised Solution

All factors are examined and assessed when we develop the optimal customised solution for your production. We can custom-design your solution 100% or we can compile a solution of well-known and thoroughly tested sub-units like our CoWelder. With a focus on your production needs, we work together to develop the best automated solution that you need.

Customised CoWelder

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a fully customizable solution for our CoWelder product. If our CoWelder models don't perfectly match your requirements, we have the flexibility to craft a CoWelder that's tailored specifically for your production needs.

Customised solution

Get a welding solutions that are 100% tailored to your needs, defying the unthinkable. From the smallest screw to the prefered robot brand. Our biggest expertise lies in crafting unique solutions from scratch that perfectly match your unique requirements. 
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Samson Agro

Customised CoWelder


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