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Kverneland Group partnered with Migatronic for an optimized, fully automated welding system. Turnkey solution exceeded expectations, showcasing professionalism and synchronized robot functionality.

About Kverneland Group

Kverneland Group, a global agricultural machinery manufacturer since 1879, offers innovative equipment and solutions, combining cutting-edge technology, extensive knowledge, and comprehensive after-sales service in over 40 countries, shaping the future of farming.

Key project aspects

  • Automated Welding Solution
  • Advanced Solutions
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Production Optimization
  • Turnkey System

Project YEAR


Complex products demand advanced solutions

With a view to optimising the manufacturing process of a new product, Kverneland Group, the international market leader in agricultural machinery and services, purchased a fully automated welding system from Migatronic Automation.

kverneland robot welding weld item

New product required new manufacturing facilities

Founded in 1879 in Norway, Kverneland Group is a venerable company that develops, manufactures and distributes agricultural machinery and services of the highest quality. Kverneland has factories and sales offices in Europe and Asia, employing more than 2,200 people, and exports to more than 60 countries worldwide. Recently, the company developed a new ploughing product that required a more advanced automated welding solution.

“We were in the market for a new automated system that could meet our demands of an automated solution capable of effectively handling the components – and in that regard, Migatronic Automation was one of the companies capable of providing a compelling and fully automated welding solution tailored for our specific needs in terms of state-of-the-art technology and production efficiency.”

Oddvar Tjåland, Project Manager, Kverneland Group

kverneland man holding weld item

No alternative to an automated solution

“There is no alternative to an automated solution for a manufacturing company of our size and with our level of ambition. Automation ensures uniformity and precision in the manufacturing process, and perhaps more importantly; it does so in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner”, Oddvar Tjåland explains.

The automated welding solution that Migatronic Automation recently provided Kverneland Group with managed to exceed the expectations of the Norwegian company:

“Our essential requirement was a system that could handle all aspects of the welding process, particularly in relation to the difficulties involved with the correct positioning and fixture of the components. So we were very pleased with the complete automated solution that Migatronic Automation developed for our expanding production line.”

Oddvar Tjåland, Project Manager, Kverneland Group

kverneland happy welder

Invited along for a reference visit

In order to get a proper demonstration of the kind of solution that Migatronic Automation could provide, Kverneland Group was initially invited along for a reference visit at some of Migatronic Automation’s existing customers in the local area.

That was later followed by a visit to Migatronic Automation’s offices, where representatives of Kverneland Group were presented with the particular automated welding solution that Migatronic Automation had planned for them.

“From the outset, we experienced a strong partnership that reflected great professionalism and expertise in all phases of the process, but we also sensed a strong commitment and pride from the representatives of Migatronic Automation in developing the best possible solution for us.”

Oddvar Tjåland, Project Manager, Kverneland Group

kverneland weld item

Welding robot and handling robot in one system

The automated welding solution that Migatronic Automation recently developed for Kverneland Group is a complete turnkey system consisting of a welding robot and a handling robot, which manipulates the workpieces in complete synchronisation with the welding robot.

kverneland handling and welding

The system allows the handling robot to pick components directly from a monorail conveyor system, reducing internal handling and leading to optimal rationalisation of the production.

The integrated power source is a high-tech Migatronic Sigma Galaxy welding machine. In this way, the welding expertise of the parent company, Migatronic, is combined with the highly advanced, automated welding system of the subsidiary, Migatronic Automation.

“We can offer our customers expertise in all aspects of welding – from automation and robotics to the technology and craft behind the welding process. We consider this a key asset in our work, and we believe that it enables us to give our customers a competitive edge in their manufacturing process”, Claus Pagh, Process Specialist of Migatronic Automation concludes.

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